Our Services

Trollope offers the full set of services associated with opencast contract mining in Africa. Our objective is to deliver efficient and dependable full-turnkey solutions to our clients, reducing their overhead needs. Alongside standard opencast earthmoving services, we specialize in short- and medium-term scheduling, certified training accredited by the MQA, optimization of Drill and Blast operations, implementation of Fleet management solutions, and on-site Environmental management planning.

In addition to traditional truck and shovel methods, Trollope is skilled in employing alternative earthmoving techniques tailored to a diverse range of deposit types. These methods encompass continuous mechanical mining for extensive, uniform, and softer deposits, Roll-over mining techniques for horizontal deposits, selective mining in inclined hard rock layered formations, and utilizing large front-end loaders across multiple blasted panels.

Load & Haul

We possess a comprehensive load and haul fleet tailored for diverse operating environments.

Drill & Blast

In numerous projects, we oversee and execute our own drill and blast operations, enabling us to maintain greater oversight of the processes within the opencast mining chain.

Crush and Screen

Crushing and screening represent a crucial phase in the ore processing sequence. We boast substantial expertise in crushing various ore types.

Material Handling

Much like crushing and screening, materials handling often constitutes an important step in the ore processing chain.

Civils & Infrastructure

Over time, Trollope has developed an extensive collection of mine infrastructure projects, primarily linked to mines where we are operating.

delivering a superior service

Traditionally operations were predominatly based in the coal sector, current operations have extended into platinum, andalusite, gold, phosphate, manganese, limestone and diamonds with strategic intent being to diversify into other miniral sectors and grow our geographical footprint into Africa.

Our Clients

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