Vlakvarkfontein Colliery

Client: Ntshovelo Mining Resources | Date: 2010

Trollope’s longest coal contract where mining began at Ntshovelo’s Vlakvarkfontein colliery in 2010. Our scope on this thermal coal operation includes drilling & blasting, loading & hauling, and crushing & screening of ROM coal. Over time the mining has migrated to include old underground workings, giving Trollope valuable experience in pillar mining.


Client: HCI Coal | Date: 2018

Salungano’s Moabsvelden is situated within the Delmas region of the Mpumalanga coal fields. A multi – seam operation, Trollope’s scope includes drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling of waste and coal. A greenfield project, the site is transitioning from boxcut phase to a steady state operation.

Moabsvelden Mine

Client: Salungano Group | Date: 2021

Salungano’s Moabsvelden mine is situated within the Delmas region of the Mpumalanga coal fields. A multi-seam operation; Trollope’s scope includes drilling, blasting, loading & hauling of waste and coal. A greenfield project: the site is transitioning from boxcut phase to a steady state operation.


Client: 2 Seam | Date: 2020

Trollope began working at 2 Seam’s TNC colliery during late 2020. An intricate operation, this reserve was traditionally mined underground. Our current scope includes the mining of intact open castable portions of low strip ratio reserve, within these previously mined areas.

New Vaal Colliery

Client: Seriti | Date: 2023

Seriti’s New Vaal Colliery is situated on the banks of the Vaal review in the Free State province. Trollope is contracted to mine approxcimately 450 000 bcm of material per month. Our scope includes drilling and blasting, loading and hauling and crushing and screening of coal.


Langer Heinrich Uranium Mine

Client: Palladin Energy | Date: 2023

Langer Heinich Uranium Mine commenced first production of U3O8 in 2007. Put on care and maintenance in 2018, the mine was re-opened in 2024. Trollope is responsibly for the reclaiming of medium and low grade ore stockpiles, as well as associated activities.



Thermal Coal



Platinum Group Metals


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